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Most Important Documents To Check Before Buying A Flat / PLOT / SITES ETC ETC

Below mentioned are some of the most important documents to check before buying a flat/house/sites/plots , however there could be few more documents depending upon property types and state laws. We suggest you to hire any expert property lawyer for property papers / documents verification.Hiring property lawyers for property documents verification to avoid any mistake. We call it as Online property verification because the service completely online.However you can visit our office for your satisfaction . We have top property lawyers in Bangalore. You can book property documents/ papers verification service on our website. 

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  • Khata
  • Sale Deed
  • Mother Deed
  • Commencement Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Building Plan approval
  • Conversion Certificate (Agricultural to Non-Agricultural land)
  • Betterment charges receipt
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Occupancy Certification (for a constructed home)
  • Latest tax paid receipt
  • Completion Certificate (to get a built property)

While it's important to seek all of the critical important documents from the vendor at the time of purchasing a house, it is also critical you book / hire a qualified property attorney/lawayer/advocates for verifying of the above documents. Specific advice ought to be sought about your precise circumstances..

property verification lawyers in bangalore : You can contact a us for property documents verification in bangalore. Our lawyer will do through verification of documents and help you to save from bad investment. We have saved our hundred of clients from bad investment. Book our services and do smart investment.

Fake Documents Check At Government Office

On Spot Verification Without Report @ Rs 2500

In this service you need to visit our office address with documents and our property documents verification lawyer in bangalore will do on spot verification of documenets which will generally take 1-2 hours. He will go through all the documents shared by you. Once he has gone through all the documents he will share his opinion on the property with you verbally on the spot. No written report will be shared with you. Once you do the booking online office address will be shared to you and time slot will be fixed after discussing with you.

Property Documents Verification Without Report @ Rs 3500

This service will be similar to normal documents verification mentioned above. Only difference is we will not be providing any legal report or opinion letter. Once the verification of documents is completed We will share opinion over phone verbally . This process will take 4 business day. Documents pickup and drop is included. All services booked on our website are covered under buyer protection. Once you do the booking online you will get call for pick up address and also mail confirmation. Our lawyer for property document verification will start the verification process as soon as he receive the documents.

  • Fake Documents Check At Government Office
  • ​Time: 2-3 Days

Why should you do Property Documents Verification?

We all dream of owning a property. It is one of our most expensive purchases that we will make in our life. However, you have to be cautious before investing in a property.

A lot of effort and time is invested in attaining our dream property. Yet, some people tend to ignore property documents verification that only costs a fraction of the total value of the property.

Around 30 percent of all the cases reported to Police are related to real estate fraud. Selling mortgaged property to multiple buyers, presenting fudged documents of the property are some of the many ways used to con property buyers. Overlooking such instances can prove to be a financial disaster. To avoid such frauds, you must ensure that the property is credible.

Hence, you should hire a good property lawyer for property verification. Property document verification enables you to establish the details of the property you buy are authentic. This not only prevents you from any legal problems in the future but also helps you attain peace of mind.

Property documents verification in Bangalore is a tedious process due to the complex set of government laws involved.

At, we simplify property verification in Bangalore. You just need to select a package from the list of our services and we will take care of the rest of the process. Our lawyers are well versed with the laws related to real estate purchases. They will perform a thorough property documents check and provide you with the report based on the service you choose.

We are the most trusted name when it comes to providing the best lawyer for property documents verification. With over 15+ years of experience in handling real estate issues, our team of lawyers provides you with the best legal advice on a property purchase.

We strive to be the best property verification service in Bangalore and customer satisfaction is our priority.

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Verification of original documents at seller's campus

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  • Verification of original documents at seller's campus: Rs 3000
  • ​Time: 2- 3 Days

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One of the most important decisions in life is buying property as it involves investing your lifetime earnings. Additionally, it is crucial to check if you are actually getting the deal you were promised. Therefore, it is essential to get the property documents verification done for ensuring the genuineness of the property.

Property verification is a very complex process and there are many legal pitfalls that you may have to cross. At, we provide you with the best lawyer for property documents verification. With a combined experience of 15+ years, our lawyers ensure that you get a hassle-free experience of property verification in Bangalore.

We are a one-stop shop for all your legal needs including property documents verification in Bangalore, Fraud and Forgery check, a legal opinion for the property, EC, Litigation, OC check, sale deed drafting and much more. You can check all our Services here. Our packages are custom designed to suit your needs and budgets. All our services are covered under Buyer Protection.

We have handpicked the finest board-certified specialists in the field of real estate to ensure that you get a good (property) lawyer for property verification in Bangalore. Our lawyers will not only conduct property documents check but will also guide you through the complex rules that government has set down for the purchase of land. All our lawyers are well versed with Karnataka laws and Bangalore real estate issues.

Our Goal is to save you from a bad investment and ensure your property is free from any legal issues. We believe in building relationships, not business.

Property Paper / Documents Verification In Bangalore

Our Goal is to save you from a bad investment and ensure your property is free from any legal issues. We believe in building relationships, not business.

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  • Survey Number Each : Rs 2000​
  • ​Time: 2-3 Days

Property Verification Lawyers In Bangalore

Property Documents Verification Without Report @ Rs 3500

On Spot Verification Without Report @ Rs 2500

Occupancy Certificate eligibility check

Property purchase: How to avoid fraudulent deals?

The number of cases reported to Police with respect to property transactions is increasing day by day. The major reason for such an increase is that new buyers tend to neglect property verification before purchase. As a result, they are more prone to these frauds.

The common types of fraud committed include presenting fake/forged documents, selling mortgaged property, reselling the same property to multiple buyers.

The only remedy to avoid falling into such traps is by hiring a good lawyer for property verification. Property documents verification can be seen as an insurance against all the legal problems in your property purchase. Additionally, property verification is also helpful when you are taking a home loan from a bank or when you are mortgaging the property for obtaining a loan.

However, the process to search a good property lawyer for property verification can itself be a bit confusing. Therefore we at, help you in simplifying the process of property verification in Bangalore. Just book a service and we will ensure that you get the best property documents verification assistance in Bangalore. As part of the property documents check, we provide free document collection and drop facility for your convenience.

Our team of experienced lawyers will help you with legal verification related to your property at a very reasonable price.

When the property prices are high, buying a property is a big decision and property verification is a wise decision. So take this big decision wisely.

Review Of Construction Agreement

  • Review Of Construction Agreement: Rs 2000
  • ​Time: 2-3 Days
  • Sale Agreement Review : Rs 1500​Time: 3 days
  • Occupancy Certificate eligibility check
  • ​Time: 1 Days
  • OC by registered civil engineer

How To Book Property Documents Verification In 3 Simple Steps???

Step 1: Do the payment using below button and copy payment ID which                             will be displayed on screen post payment

Step 2: Enter Document Pickup Address And Payment Id.​ (Document will be picked up within 24 hours)


Step 3: Post verification hard copy of Report on lawyer letter head will                          be delivered to your doorstep. Soft copy on mail

​​Note: Covered under Buyer Protection

  • Include Free Documents Pick And Drop
  • Time: 5 days
  • ​Fee: Rs 5400
Online Property Verification Bangalore Buyer Protection

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Property Verification Bangalore Complete Service Assurance

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We undertake property verification In Bangalore. Property verification is taken care by our experienced and expert property verification lawyer in Bangalore. Take wise decision. verify property before investing huge amount on it. Our lawyer will make sure the property got all required license and free from any legal issues. reach us for any property verification services in Bangalore. Our property lawyer are minimum 15+ years of experience in the field. We have best of best property lawyer on our platform. Be assured you are at best place to verify property.

​​​As a part of this service we will scrutinize the title of the property and the necessary regulatory law. We will check if property got all required approval. 

Scrutinization shall happen on the basis of documents shared by you. Once the verification is complete you will get opinion letter/legal report on lawyer's letter head. Get Legal opinion on property from board certified lawyers. Read out some real Case Study.

We will check ownership whether the seller has got the legal ownership to sell or anyone has right over same property, we will check whether the property is encroached with Storm Water Drain or Lake, What all the documents that builder is hiding, what are missing documents which are important documents for Purchaser protection. We will check if builder have got all required approval as per lawMost Trusted Legal And Property Verification Services In Bangalore. Book now Online property verification Bangalore  now and protect yourself from bad investment.  Call @ 1800-120-1737 for any query

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