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Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore

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What is and Encumbrance Certificate???

An encumbrance certificate is the proof that the property is free from any monetary and legal liabilities. It is evidence that the property can be sold as a free title and the ownership will come to you without any associated legal issues.​​ With just few clicks you can get Encumbrance Certificate Online In Bangalore through our website. Most trusted and liked encumbrance certificate service In Bngalore. Click here to check our Reviews

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Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore

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Few facts about Encumbrance Certificate

Importance of an encumbrance certificate

What is encumbrance certificate (EC)?
The encumbrance certificate is basically a documental proof, of debt/liability free title (ownership), of a property. Encumbrance certificate assures that there is no financial debt on the property or no legal obligation. For example, financial debts include loan which has not been waived yet.

What is the importance of an EC?
Encumbrance certificate is required in the deals of property includes trying to get a mortgage, getting a loan against property.
Encumbrance certificate is also needed in the transaction of a property. When someone is buying a property such as a house or a plot, then EC is required.

What does it contain?
An encumbrance certificate contains transactions (transfer of ownership or possession) on a property. These transactions are registered and are of a specific time span. Usually, an encumbrance of 10-15 years is asked, but the time can exceed up to 50 years demanded by the authority or organization.

From where to get encumbrance certificate?
Anyone can get an Encumbrance certificate from registrar office depending upon the location of the property. Encumbrance Certificate is issued by the competent regional authority where the property (maybe a flat or plot etc.) is registered.

The authority makes an investigation over the property about the history of transactions.
They also verify the documents which hold the details about the authority and details about the property.
So, the certificate also contains details of the change of possession over the property. Need to mention that this record is always for a certain period.
Mostly 10-15 years of record is asked but one can have up to 30 years of encumbrance, according to his/ her requirement.

Procedure for obtaining EC.
To get an EC, one needs to apply at the registration office where the property has been registered.
Form no- 22 (an application form) must be filled up with the attested copy of address proof, title (ownership) and details about the property. Fees of the application be submitted. Fees depends upon the time, upon which the EC has been asked.
After inspecting the record pertaining the property an EC is issued typically within 15 - 30 days.
EC can be issued in two forms- 1) Form no- 15
                                                       2) Form no- 16
When there is any chain of a transaction pertaining to the property then form no- 15 is provided. Most of the time a, possession certificate becomes necessary with this form in terms to provide the authenticity of ownership.   
When there is no transaction during the given, then form number 16 is provided. This is known as ‘No Encumbrance Certificate’.

Encumbrance certificate states you that the property you are going to buy is without any financial burden. So, you are assured that you are not getting any extra burden with the possession.
In future, if you want to sell your property then an EC makes sure that you do not have any substantial or legal bondage or back foot. So that you can sell your property without any restriction.
If there is any kind of loan on the property, then you would not be able to get future loans from the bank or any other financial institution. You can only get a loan if you possess a liability-free ownership (title) on your property.

An EC certificate provides that your property is debt free or there is no loan to clear. So, you can get future loans for construction on your property. For example, you would not be able to get house building loan if you do not possess an EC.

It is a source of details of the property. To get an encumbrance certificate it becomes necessary to submit details of the property. Description of ownership and property details must be submitted to the registrar’s office.

The registrar’s office; where they provide the certificate. So, it’s a reliable source of details about, so no chance of any duplicity or hidden deception.

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