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Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore

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Buying a Property? Make Sure you check Encumbrance Certificate.It can tell you if the flat has been sold for a given period of time.If you are planning to purchase an apartment, home or a piece of land, make sure that is clear of any legal action and that is has a clear and profitable title. How do you do this? All you need to do is to check out your EC for any transaction. Encumbrance certificate is also known as EC. It is a tedious job to get EC from registrar office as it involve documentation and traveling in Bangalore traffic. However you can get your EC by applying to our website. Our lawyer will take care of all documentation and traveling. Your ec will be delivered to your doorstep. 

This certificate  contains details of all transactions about an exacting property and confirms that there are no dues or discrepancies. It is an extract of the record maintained by the sub-registrar or concerned government body.

Why Buyer should check for Encumbrance Certificate​​ before buying a property

It is a signed certificate that is necessary when buying a property, applying for a house loan or getting a loan against a property. Financial organization and government authorities would frequently inquire for an encumbrance certificate that is valid anywhere between 5 and 30 years or even more. It is a very significant document for transactions related to sales and buy of property. Loans against property also agreed after creating this official document as in this it would mention that the property has not mortgaged with another lender at the same time. 

So you must be willing to know How to obtain EC in Bangalore??? 

To obtain a encumbrance certificate you require applying in Form 22 to the sub registrar with your residential address and stating the requirements of the certificate. You need to fill some forms and apply it to registrar office. After few days you need to go again to sub registrar office to check if your EC/Encumbrance certificate has been generated. Make sure you have all the right details handy like a title, ownership of the property, survey number, address, description of the property with dimensions and boundaries, and submitted to the jurisdictional sub-registrar with the necessary fee. The no Encumbrance Certificate will be issued after a full inquiry, provided there are no entries in favor of a person or a legal body. Encumbrance Certificate in Bangalore in Form 15 records sales, lease, mortgage, gift, etc. registered previous to the registration authorities. On the other hand, the encumbrance certificate is the concern in Form 16 only when there has been no transactions recorded in the period for which the encumbrance certificate sought.

Documents Required?

If you are applying through us then copy of any one of below listed document is required:

  • Sale Deed Copy
  • Agreement
  • Previous EC
  • Settlement Deed
  • Any Doc which has complete property details

Why is an Encumbrance Certificate important??

  • It is a proof that the property is free from any monetary and legal liabilities.
  • When dealing with government and Financial Institutions like bank, it is necessary to provide Encumbrance Certificate.
  • The EC provides you an assurance that property you are buying is free of all dues and has a marketable title.

To obtain an Encumbrance Certificate, you need to submit an application to the jurisdictional sub-registrar's office along with the necessary legal documents. However, obtaining an Encumbrance Certificate in Bangalore can be quiet time consuming given the ever increasing queue in government offices these days. Moreover, travelling from one part of Bangalore to another for petty things can be quiet frustrating.

It  will be issued eiather in Form No. 15 or Form 16. If the property does not have any transaction during the said period, Form 16 will be issued i.e., certificate of Nil Encumbrance. If the property has any transaction registered during the said period, then form No. 15 will be issued. encumbrance certificate in bangalore is issue by government authority likeregistrar office , BBMP.

Currently BBMP us not proving EConline in Bangalore.

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Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore Review

​​Not comfortable sharing sale deed with us??? 

Visit our office with sale deed copy and we will note down the required details and handover the sale deed to you there itself. Or call us we will take required details over phone.

Note: Just click photo using mobile,  and upload. If you are facing any difficulty then mail the documents to

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Step 3: Get soft copy of Encumbrance Certificate In Bangalore on mail and hard copy to your mailing address. 

Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore

Book Encumbrance Certificate For 15 Years (Soft copy in 3 Days) 

  • ​EC Hard Copy  : 5-7 Working days
  • EC Soft copy    : 2-3 working days
  • ​Total Fee     : Rs 2500

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Apply For Encumbrance Certificate Online in Bangalore???

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Step 1:  Book/Select Package As Requirment

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Book EC in 2 simple Steps

Encumbrance Certificate Bangalore

Upload Any One Document For EC

  • Sale Deed Copy
  • Agreement
  • Previous EC
  • Settlement Deed
  • Any Doc which has complete property details

We will get you Encumbrance certificate just with few click.Just book our package and relax at home. We will take care of everything. Document pickup and delivery included.You came to right place And our lawyer will do all paper works for you. All our package are protected under buyer protection. scroll down to see the steps to book EC.

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Step 2: Upload sale deed scanned copy And get your EC couriered at yout doorstep in 1-3 working days​

What is and Encumbrance Certificate???

An encumbrance certificate is the proof that the property is free from any monetary and legal liabilities. It is evidence that the property can be sold as a free title and the ownership will come to you without any associated legal issues.​​ With just few clicks you can get Encumbrance Certificate Online In Bangalore through our website. Most trusted and liked encumbrance certificate service In Bngalore. Click here to check our Reviews

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